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At Flying G Jerky, we have a firm belief that jerky should be meat and spices.

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Beef Jerky | Flying G Testimonial 1

“I endorse it highly. When I’m editing on the computer or cooking in the kitchen this stuff here is my go to snack. It’s a veteran-owned company.”

Chef Jonathan

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“Ordered on a Wednesday night and received an email within an hour that my order was packaged and ready for mail next day. Received my jerky on Friday same week. It also had a handwritten note with it. Exceptional service and fantastic jerky. We will definitely be buying from them again.”

Kristen T.

Beef Jerky | Flying G Testimonial 3

“Best Jerky Ever! This is my new snack of choice! The taste and texture are perfection, the ingredients being all natural is a game changer, and to top it off this product is made by a Veteran owned company! I normally don’t give 5 star reviews because I always think there is room for improvement but for this jerky, 5 star all the way, no doubt, perfect!”

Shane J.

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Flying G Jerky makes only the best quality beef jerky at a reasonable price. We use ONLY beef and spices and our meat is naturally smoked. That way you actually taste the beef, spices and smoke instead of some weird chemical taste. We do not believe in adding sugar to it. I mean…you would not put sugar on a perfectly grilled ribeye, right? There are reasons to adding sugar to beef jerky but I do not agree with them. To quote Dr. Rick Rigsby…”Good is not good enough if it can be better and better is not good enough if it can be best”. That is the way I feel about my beef jerky. I want it to be the best because good and better just is not good enough! We want everyone to be able to eat our delicious jerky knowing that they do not have to worry about any sensitivities such as: gluten, soy, MSG, nitrites, preservatives, etc.

Our jerky is the perfect on the go snack. Just picture yourself driving down the road with the top down and wind in your hair. Okay, so maybe that is cliché but stay with me. Do you reach for that bag of chips, candy bar or snack mix? NO! All those empty calories, no thank you! Not to mention, those are all the junky carbs that are tasty and going to leave you feeling satisfied right away but will wear off quickly and then comes the crash. You get tired and need to get some sleep. Why not reach for a bag of Flying G beef jerky instead? It will provide you with a fabulous bold kick of flavor – the long lasting energy and because it has so much protein per serving, it will satisfy your hunger cravings for an extended period of time to keep you moving on down the road.

Maybe you are a hunter or fisher. You need a high protein snack to keep you satisfied, steady and hunger free while you are waiting on that big buck, laying in a blind until the geese or ducks come flying in or trying to land that monster bass out on the lake. Flying G Jerky has the top quality beef jerky to take care of that appetite.

Do you have a loved one in the military? Speaking from experience, most service members love beef jerky because we are always on the go and beef jerky can always fit in the cargo pockets of our uniform. Beef Jerky is one of the top requested items in care packages that are sent overseas. I wish I would have had Flying G Jerky when I was deployed. Instead, I had some big name brand that was not really good for me but it was a nice break from the meals ready to eat (MRE’s). If you do have a deployed soldier, sailor or airman, take comfort in the fact that we ship to all APO’s and FPO’s all over the world. We would gladly ship it to your loved one to any APO or FPO with free shipping on the purchase of $10 or more.

Are you traveling overseas to a remote area where you are unsure of the food safety in that region? Take along Flying G Jerky. You will have no problem getting it through customs,  it packs small and you can be sure that you will have enough food to sustain you if you do not have access to reliable food.

Have you ever been on a hike or a camping trip? What is the perfect snack that is packable in a small size that will not crumble, melt or get squashed? It is certainly not chips, candy or protein bars. Those are all a mess waiting to happen. You have to take beef jerky!!! Not just any beef jerky, but Flying G beef jerky. With our beef jerky being all natural without any of the artificial junk or sugar and soy, the avid outdoor person knows that they are getting only the best with our product.

Flying G Jerky is a perfect snack for your little ones. Our children sometimes pack our beef jerky in their lunch for school. When we head out to their softball games or a cheer competition, bags of beef jerky go into their softball bag or cheer bag. They can quickly grab it, pull out a piece or two and take care of any hunger cravings with no mess and it supplies them with an ample amount of energy to get through that inning or routine.

Are you by chance doing Keto or Whole 30 and love beef jerky? Usually that is bad news because most of the jerky options out on the market are chocked full of sugar and artificial junk. Not Flying G Jerky though! Our company started because our owner was doing Keto but there wasn’t a healthy and good tasting beef jerky out there to fit into the Keto or Whole 30 category. He took it upon himself to come up with an amazing recipe to fit into these lifestyles. Today, we have numerous repeat Keto and Whole 30 customers.

Let us discuss another important aspect. Allergens! With all the genetic modification and artificial processing in the world today, so many people have developed allergies to numerous foods and additives. These reactions can range from minor discomfort all the way up to life threatening for some. For so many Americans and people all over the world suffering from these allergies or sensitivities, most beef jerky is out of the question due to the addition of soy, MSG, nitrites, gluten, etc. At Flying G Jerky, we pride ourselves on knowing that we produce a wonderful tasting beef jerky that is friendly to this demographic of food allergen people. We have several repeat customers with food allergies that buy our beef jerky often and in quantity because they know that they love it and they don’t have to worry about keeping an epi-pen handy. They can eat Flying G Jerky until their heart is content and never wonder if they are going to go into anaphylactic shock.