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Hi, my name is Paul Geisinger. I grew up farming and ranching in Seiling, Oklahoma where we raised wheat, alfalfa and high-quality beef. We would always have our own stocked freezer of beef year around. Talk about good eating. At times, I would make my own beef jerky from some of the excess. There is nothing like your own farm-raised beef. Later in my high school years, we made the difficult decision to sell the farm and open up a steakhouse. We wanted to focus on making as much as we could homemade and provide one of the best steaks in Oklahoma. Our family had a belief that if you seasoned a cooked a steak just right, there was no need for steak sauce. That ruins a steak, am I right! When we would have leftover steak that needed to be used up, I would again make beef jerky out of it.

I went on to put myself through college at Northwestern Oklahoma State University where I graduated with a B.S. in Business Management. While attending Northwestern Oklahoma State University, I joined the Army National Guard to help put myself through college. I ended up deploying with my unit to Iraq in 2003 for a combat mission performing raids and patrols daily. I later met my future wife at an Army leadership training in Nebraska September of 2006.

Nicole grew up in rural Nebraska. In Nebraska, they sure do know their beef! Her father was always a police officer and her mom was able to stay home with her and her sisters while volunteering countless hours at their school. Having her mom home while she was growing up ended up being a blessing in disguise as her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only 2. Her mom was sick on and off throughout Nicole’s whole childhood. She passed away after a 15+ year long battle, which as you can imagine was very difficult for her dad and two sisters.

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We have been married since 2007. We have two beautiful daughters, Brynn and Sloan that God has so graciously given us to take care of. We are kept busy throughout the evenings with all of their activities that they enjoy participating in. Cheer is a big one that brings our youngest much enjoyment. I help coaching our oldest daughters softball team and my wife helps coach our youngest daughters softball team. She also helps coach our oldest basketball team. We are very involved in our church which we are very thankful for. We love being a part of something bigger than ourselves and our spiritual family means the world to us.

My wife and I founded Flying G Jerky back in 2018. I had spent countless hours in the evening and weekends working on my recipe trying to get it just right. I was eating a low carb, zero sugar diet and I could not find a beef jerky that did not have sugar in it. I knew that I could make it. I found this to be so enjoyable yet a daunting task. My dehydrator became a permanent fixture in our kitchen…..well not really. My wife would have kicked me out. Let’s just say that the dehydrator didn’t stay put away for long. After a couple months, I told my wife that I wanted to see just what we could do with this. I wanted to find out just how big we could make it. I thought I got it right where I wanted it but then my wife, kids and family would tell me that it needed more work. Shoot.

After many trial and error, I was able to get the recipe right where I wanted it! I began making it in 2017 for myself and immediate family. Soon after that, multiple friends would reach out and ask to have me make some beef jerky for them to take to different events. Road trips, ski trips, family reunions, school trips and so on. The want for my jerky from more people quickly grew and I was having a difficult time keeping up with making enough at home as well as working full time at my oil and gas job and still have time to be able to participate in my children’s activities.


Like I mentioned earlier, our jerky came to be because I was eating a low carb, zero sugar diet. I concentrated on eating higher amounts of protein and fats and made Flying G beef jerky to fit this lifestyle. In the first 4 months after starting this way of eating I was able to lose 50 lbs. I dropped from 265 lbs down to 215 lbs. Since then I have been maintaining around that weight. My Flying G jerky played a huge role because sugar is our #1 enemy. Eating fat does not make you fat. Consuming sugar does. I can’t stress how important it is to make sure your beef jerky (and anything really) is sugar free. By making a sugar free beef jerky, I was able to make sure I was getting my protein and fats each day without consuming any sugar and keeping my body burning fat for fuel. This Keto diet is a low carb and zero sugar diet and focuses on training your body to burn fat for fuel by consuming more good fats and a moderate amount of protein.


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The rest of the story…

In early 2018, I enlisted the help of a co-packer and we quickly went to work converting the recipe over from what I was used to, to a recipe that was custom for 125lbs of meat at a time. We would mix spice, cook a test batch, tweak the recipe, cook some more……you get the picture. Wash, rinse, repeat. Finally, we nailed it! We quickly went to work getting all the nutritional facts and other paperwork needed to get our USDA approval and by July 2018 we had our approval and rolled out our first batch of Flying G Original beef jerky on July 11, 2018.

We immediately started booking shows and expos to work across the great state of Oklahoma to serve a two-fold purpose. First, we saw it as our best way to get our name out in front of the public. Secondly, to be able to make money immediately so that we could afford to have more made. Flying G Jerky was an immediate hit at every show we attended. People loved the fact that it was free of sugar, soy, gluten, nitrites, MSG and artificial preservatives. On top of that, it tasted great at an affordable price. Many of those customers would follow up with internet orders and are still loyal customers today. We love our loyal customers!!!

I would also drive around to independently owned convenience stores and talk to the managers or owners about getting my beef jerky on their shelves. I had great success and got into about 40 stores but I was limited to a smaller area due to my full-time job. Luckily, in March of 2019, I landed a distribution deal and that distributor has spread it across Oklahoma, North Texas and Southern Kansas. To date, they have our beef jerky in 300+ independently owned convenience and grocery stores and the number continues to grow as more of the public becomes aware of us.

The growth of Flying G Jerky has been wonderful and we see nothing but great things for the future as we try to become the top beef jerky company in Oklahoma and who knows, maybe one of these days, the nation!