How often do you look at what’s in the beef jerky that you are eating? Do you think about anything that you put in your body and read the ingredients in the beef jerky before you start taking a bite? You know what things your body doesn’t like in somee beef jerky and what kind of ingredients are not good for you? When there’s many types of artificial preservatives or unnatural flavors that companies put in their beef jerky. But I want to tell you about a jerky that will provide your body with health and nutrition, and has no preservatives, artificial flavoring, and any of these chemicals that harm your body. It’s the best zero sugar beef jerky in our nation Flying G. Jerky.

Flying G. Jerky is made a delicious beef turkey is going to give our customers the nutrition that they are looking for, and the protein they want to put in the body. Our jerky has none of that usual stuff that you see in other jerkys, we do not that high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, MSG, soy, gluten, etc. in our jerky. This because we want our customers to enjoy a beef jerky that provides their bodies with a healthy nutritional snack. The best zero sugar beef jerky they have ever tasted and does it give our customers artificial additives that are bad for their bodies.

Our jerky also has the best flavor that you have had in any jerky. You know sometimes when you’re looking for a healthy jerky you might find some jerky that says no preservatives, and you try that jerky and it just tastes like a stick, and it’s very plain. Will jerky has great flavor and is season in marinated perfectly all without using any sugar or preservatives. Our beef jerky is the best zero sugar beef jerky because we provide a flavor that outranks any be jerky with sugar or without anywhere. Flying G. Jerky also does it have any of that extra additives at these other turkeys have constant people harm in the long run, we only have all-natural ingredients that provide our bodies with nutrition and protein and is mainly free of allergens.

When you eats our Flying G. Jerky you giving your body something that it wants and needs and not something that just needs. You are giving it an affordable snack that you will not regret because it doesn’t have any of those additives that make a second ring on allergies that we didn’t plan on. You know when you eat are jerky are asked to provide your body with a little bit in nutrients and not fake ingredients that make it hard for our bodies to function.

So when you’re in northern Texas, or southern Kansas, or just about anywhere in Oklahoma, find our product at one of the over 300 grocery or convenience stores that sells Flying G. Jerky. You also find our product online at, were you can read all about us and check out our jerky and how we make it without any additives,and we will not the tell any secrets on our natural ingredients. Also, you can get one of our offices Flying G. Jerky T-shirts, and you can grab one and tell the world all about us.

If You  Ever Need Advice When Choosing Best Zero Sugar Beef Jerky?

Flying G. Jerky provides the nation’s best zero sugar beef jerky, by giving them a jerky that’s all-natural. Flying G. Jerky only use is that is 100% born and raised in the United States and really only use the best cuts of beef. Our jerky does not have any preservatives, sugars, gluten, soy, etc. and is 100% keto-friendly. So, all of our customers that are on diets and keto have to worry about when they eat are jerky.

We have made a jerky that is delicious, a great texture, and is made out of all-natural ingredients. We only provide the best for our customers by giving them the ingredients that they need in their jerky. We said we provide the best ingredients for our customers we mean that all of our gradients are natural, not using any artificial flavoring, and preservatives that harm our bodies in the long-running makes people sick and leaves long-lasting effects to their bodies. And other companies that make jerky, has the artificial sugars, and preservatives, and other additives that harm the human body. This is because companies today don’t care about giving you the best zero sugar beef jerky like Flying G. Jerky does.

Other companies do not care about consumers’ health, these companies just want to put money in their pockets and give you something that you don’t know what you’re putting in your body. These companies like to use artificial preservatives and take sugars that affect our bodies in the long run. The sugars cause things like obesity and diabetes, they also cause things are much worse because her body does not digest them well, because they are not natural and they do not digest naturally. We wanted to give our customers the best zero sugar beef jerky by providing them with an all-natural be jerky that they can in Julie and not worry about allergens that may come with it. A jerky that our customers can enjoy and gain nutrition from.

Flying G. Jerky is a veteran owned company, it is another reason why we strive for a healthier way of living. Owner has fought for the country, and once our country to live a healthier life. The company is also partnered with the Fisher House, which provides grants to charities and scholarships for military families. Flying G. Jerky wants to give back to the people but for our country so with a part of every purchase that we give our jerky we get back to these charities and scholarships. This way our servicemen and women know that we appreciate the sacrifice if given for us to have our freedom.

If you want to know more about our company Flying G. Jerky then look us up on, here you can see more about our cause, what we stand for, and giving back. You can also look up are jerky and see what flavors and how we make our jerky and while you’re at it you can get a spectacular Flying G. Jerky T-shirt. We also ship to most APO’s and FPO’s source servicemen can also enjoy our T-shirts and our jerky. And if you’re around Oklahoma, northern Texas, and southern Kansas you can find this in one of the hundreds of privately owned grocery and convenience stores.