If you’re looking for the healthiest beef jerky that is 100% keto-friendly, zero sugar beef jerky, and a great on the go snack you went to eat Flying G. Jerky beef jerky. There is no conservative is an army jerky just beef and only things that you should find in beef jerky. We want to provide our customers with a tasty snack they can take on the road and not worry about all the allergens that also, and other eternities. We also want to give our customers that something that is keto and whole 30 friendly.

We are on a hiking trail and you need a quick snack anyone a protein snack that is healthy and keto-friendly you can use some of Flying G. Jerky beef jerky. On the straw you would also like your snack to have a Zero Sugar Beef Jerky. Flying G. Jerky will provide you the instant energy that you need to be what I have to worry about any additives for you are out that may cause an allergic reaction, because our jerky only has seasoning can be jerky. Our be jerky is made for everybody not just people do not have allergies but for all people to enjoy.

Here at Flying G. Jerky’s we provide a few different times types of beef jerky, and provide old-fashioned, chopped and formed, biltong. Then with these time to be jerky is we provide different methods to prepare and cook our zero sugar beef jerky. We use methods such as a dehydrator, a smoker, with a oven, and we sun and air dry them. For doing this we can make a variety of beef jerky that is in different textures and flavors. We do this so we can give our customers the best nutritional be jerky they ever had. We had the best quality beef jerky in Oklahoma, at a very affordable price.

Beef jerky has no gluten, nitrate, soy, preservatives, MSG, etc. making our be jerky the most nutritious beef jerky in Oklahoma. It was a rational decision to think that we should not put sugar in our be jerky, because we do not put sugar on our beef products, for instance are steak and are patties. So if we don’t put sugar on our state products just seasoning then why not just seasoning on our beef jerky, is like eating steak on the go. Flying G. Jerky is the best seasoning on their beef jerky and also provides a nutritious snack for our customer.

Flying G. Jerky is an only offer the best nutritional be jerky, but we sell T-shirts on our website FlyingGJerky.com. Also on our website you can contact us if you have any questions about our products and you can also get some of our be jerky. And if you are the military you can still get some of our beef jerky or T-shirts online we can ship to all APOs and FPO’s.

If You Are Looking For The Zero Sugar Beef Jerky?

It is not every day that you can find zero sugar beef jerky, with that is exactly what Flying G. Jerky offers. Our company has made a beef jerky that zeroes sugar, 100% keto friendly, and no preservatives. We want our customers to have the best jerky they’ve ever had, which produces a natural taste with some of the best seasonings. Flying G. Jerky jerky is the best because that is just what it is it is just neat and seasoning just like the jerky should be. We promise that our beef jerky is the best beef jerky that Oklahoma has offer.

Did you know that other beef jerky in our area that you eat have preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and offer almost no nutritional value. Our company wanted to produce a healthy snack while you’re on the run, a snack that actually made your buddy satisfied with what it is eating. Or be jerky is a snack that you against nutritional value out of because at the preservatives and the high fructose corn syrup has proven not to be good for you. Also, who puts sugar on any of their beef like their stakes, not too many people because just the meat and the seasoning is all we want with a flavor, that’s what we created a Zero Sugar Beef Jerky.

Have you ever got some beef jerky from a gas station or a grocery store, and that beef jerky leave a funny aftertaste in your mouth for half the day? If so, that is because other be tricky is have preservatives in them that is not good for you and can leave a chemical taste in your mouth. In our zero sugar beef jerky has no preservatives and no chemicals in it that is going to leave a aftertaste in your mouth, just all natural flavors. Flying G. Jerky has rated the best beef jerky in Oklahoma because we wanted a healthy snack with nutritional value.

Flying G. Jerky created this be jerky to satisfied customers and provide a little back to its community. Our beef jerky is 100% from the United States and is never frozen, it is the best cuts for our beef to make the jerky. Our company produces the best of beef jerky, because we use a highly specialized cooker that controls every aspect of our jerky while it is cooked. The beef jerky for the company is made in several different ways for customers have the best experience of our tasty sugar free beef jerky and to remember our jerky that is 100% keto friendly. Our company is a veteran-owned and gives back to the community.

If you do not believe that our beef jerky is 100% keto-friendly, has no preservatives, and has no sugar, you should give us a try. If you’re in Oklahoma, North Texas, or Southern Kansas and around a independently owned convenience or grocery stores, go in look in the jerky section and see if there is any Flying G. Jerky and try it out yourself. If you can find in the many retails or guest is the visitor website FlyingGJerky.com in order some for yourself will ship it right to your house. If you say oh I am in the military and their is no way I can get any Flying G. Jerky for myself, well don’t worry we send to all major APO’s and FPO’s.