Do you look at what’s inside your jerky before you eat it? You look in your jerky before you eat it, you might notice that a lot of times the other jerky has lots of artificial preservatives and high fructose corn syrup which is an artificial sugar. While you eat this jerky is that you provide any nutrients for your body that is healthy so here at Flying G. Jerky, we have a zero sugar beef jerky that is 100% naturally made and seasoned. Our company does not use any artificial flavoring or seasonings to our products, we want our customers to have a healthy and nutritious snack.

Our zero sugar beef jerky as 100% keto-friendly and has no artificial preservatives, no gluten, no nitrate, and also has no MSG which all of these additives are not any good for the human body. Every jerky has all the best qualities and seasonings to make it the best jerky ever. We also make want a major health change for our country so that our people can eat healthier products, keeping them away from a bunch of allergens that are caused by some of these artificial preservatives. We want our customers know that we care for the care what they put in the bodies so that’s why we have a jerky that is good for our body.

If you try to get be jerky that does not leave your palate satisfied and just leave the chemical taste in your mouth, Flying G. Jerky is what your palate is asking for. Our pallets are really good at deciding what about he wants, but can be tricked by some additives like high fructose corn syrup. Even though natural sugars are not bad for us sometimes pretty healthy most of us do not eat sugar with our steaks, that’s why we created our zero sugar beef jerky that your palate will obsess over. Your palate knows what your body needs to stay healthy, with no artificial flavors or preservatives in our jerky your palate will love the nutrition against your body.

Flying G. Jerky is a veteran owned business, that is partnered with The Fisher House which grants a lot of money to military charities and scholarships. Our company believes to get back to the community and help our soldiers to go fight for our freedom. We believe in our country that’s why our beef is 100% born and raised in the United States, and we do not take form beef. We also never freezer beef so you have the freshest quality beef to make our jerky. We think it is important to keep our people healthy and staying fit by not eating some of these artificial preservatives and flavorings that are horrible for bodies.

Flying G. Jerky operates in Oklahoma and we provide to over 300 and you in grocery stores in Oklahoma southern Kansas and North Texas. If you’re in any of these areas would like you to try to find a grocery or convenience store with some of our jerky so you can try it for yourself and you will notice that it is the best quality beef jerky you have ever tasted. If not in the rural locations you can always try our beef jerky on our website and we also offer T-shirts to help support us. We also ship to APO’s and FPO’s or military service personnel can try some.

When You Are Looking for Zero Sugar Beef Jerky?

What is quality to you when you are talking about food? Is quality taste, is it texture, is a health, or is it price. Flying G. Jerky has all of these qualities are jerky has the best taste, the perfect texture, it’s healthy, and an affordable price. Our zero sugar beef jerky has no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, no MSG, gluten-free, and it’s 100% keto friendly. We have created the perfect beef jerky that actually satisfies our palate and lets us go to the day with a smile on her face because you just ate a jerky with nutrition.

Some of the things Mina believe is that most of the Zero Sugar Beef Jerky you see today has a chemical in it called high fructose corn syrup, this is an artificial sugar that sweetens our food and has no nutritional value for our body. Besides the fact that sugar should be our beef jerky anyways, it’s not even a sugar is a chemical that was made as a cheap sugar substitute. Our zero sugar be jerky is just that no sugar, we kept the flavoring for beef the way beef was made to be, our beef and our seasoning you get the best taste for your body and the nutritional snack.

We had the best be jerky because we think about our customers and what offer them the healthiest be jerky possible. Happy jerky is not just healthy but it is very tasty and don’t forget it is the best zero sugar beef jerky in the country. We have a be jerky that is meant to go with you anywhere you go like vacations, hiking, fishing and etc. places where you can either quick healthy snack that will keep it going for the rest of the day. What a snack that would leave your palate satisfied in your stomach happy and you not having to worry about allergens caused by artificial flavoring and preservatives.

When you when you buy a Flying G. Jerky product you are helping the community will. Our veteran-owned company is partnered with the Fisher House that offers grants to military charities and they offer military scholarships. Our company believes in helping out on military services because they fought for our freedom and risk their lives so we can live ours free. So that’s why when we sell our product a little that profit goes to help out the community.

If you’re looking for some Flying G. Jerky you might find some at one of the 300 plus privately owned convenience and grocery stores that sell our product. The stores are located all over Oklahoma, North Texas, and southern Kansas. We also sell our products online at our website, and while you’re picking up some beef jerky you should buy one of our T-shirts. Make sure you get one of those T-shirts so you can support us and promote as so everyone knows about our perfect beef jerky. For military personnel we also ship to AFOs and PFO’s.