If nutrition is your passion that you appreciate Flying G. Jerky. Our Zero Sugar Beef Jerky has no artificial preservatives, executive friendly, and has no high fructose corn syrup unlike many other beef jerky brands. Our beef jerky is hundred percent naturally seasoned, it is cut from only the finest be in the United States. The beef we use is never frozen it only comes from the United States we do not do any imported beef.

We cut our be jerky of the finest beef to produce the best strips to be jerky the pallet can have, we also cut different strips so we can have different textures of our beef. We flavor our beef jerky with natural seasonings so your palate can enjoy the aftertaste of nutrition and not chemicals. We’ve created a healthy Zero Sugar Beef Jerky that you can take anywhere, it is perfect for hikes quick snacks before work, road trips, family activities, amusement parks, etc. we want our customers to feel the joy of a healthy snack that we have created for them. We wanted our customers to have 100% keto friendly snack they they can enjoy while they were on keto with the best quality taste.

We will not buy or be jerky from foreign countries so our beef is hundred percent born and raised in the United States. We keep her be cool but we never freeze it, once it is ready to use we slice the marinated and then put it back in the cooler to soak in the marinate. We then take our beef jerky and and use a highly specialized cooker to control the smoke on our jerky to give the best labor. Once we have cooked our jerky we inspect every piece of jerky to make sure every slice of jerky is to perfection. With our zero sugar beef jerky we have create the best quality and taste of jerky you will ever taste. The pallet can only thank you.

Our company is confident it provides the best tast being beef jerky that are customers value. The value are the jerky because we take so much time into making the perfectly natural seasoned be jerky, so they can have a traditional snack that is also tasty. Our company is trying to make it healthier America, so we stopped eating the foods that have all these artificial preservatives and flavorings in them. People today are having all kinds of allergens because of the unnatural chemicals and artificial preservatives in our food today. So we have created a healthy beef jerky for customers so they don’t have to worry about allergens that might affect them.

Flying G. Jerky makes our beef jerky that Oklahoma provided to over 300 privately owned grocery and convenience stores in North Texas, Southern Kansas, and Oklahoma. Here in this area you can come to one of these privately owned stores and try our beef jerky, if not you can always visit our website FlyingGJerky.com where we also offer T-shirts that support our company. We also sent to most APO’s and FPOs for our military personnel that want to try our jerky.

When You Are Looking For The Zero Sugar Beef Jerky?

Here at Flying G. Jerky we offer our customers the best quality be jerky in the United States. We talk about quality were not just talking about flavor, were talking about nutrition and texture. Our zero sugar beef jerky, yes zero sugar is happy jerky should be made. If you look at most jerky brands out there today to find out that they almost all have high fructose corn sure or maybe even natural sugars in the beef jerky. Even though natural sugar is better for you we have one question the sugar on your steak, if not then why would you put it on your jerky.

Our company is wanting to make a be jerky that has nutritional value, which is especially seasoned and provides are pallets the company taste. Flying G. Jerky has created a be jerky that is out of executive friendly, has no artificial preservatives, and is a hundred percent naturally flavored. We wanted to make a healthy snack for customers to take with them on the road wherever they may be going Zero Sugar Beef Jerky. We also want a more healthy America, but we could stop looking at allergens in our foods because there are so many artificial preservatives and flavorings in our food today. What are customers to another eating a natural source of food.

With her be jerky being hundred percent keto-friendly, it is perfect for Diets. It’s 100% natural provides a great quality taste their customers will never forget. Our zero sugar beef jerky to healthy snack people that are very active, and work a lot and don’t have a lot of time in the day to grab lunch. As a snack the presentation about any can take it anywhere you are the matter what you’re doing in your body will thank you for some the nutrition it will give you.

Flying G. Jerky is happy to provide the best quality beef jerky to the United States so they can enjoy the natural seasoning and flavor of the best quality beef. Our jerky has the best texture at any other jerky you can think of also. When you think of the texture of other jerky’s something about them just as a bill right, while our jerky is a pleasant bill the minute it touches your tongue and leave your palate begging for more.

Would like you to try some of our beef jerky you can go to one of the 300 grocery and convenience stores we provide our product to in North Texas, Southern Kansas, Oklahoma. The promise will be the best quality beef jerky that you have ever tasted. If you are nowhere around our area and stone and try our jerky please visit our website FlyingGJerky.com in order you some today, we have some different flavors that you will enjoy. We also shipped to APO’s and FPO’s so our military personnel can have some of our jerky as well. On a website you can also finds teachers to provide to our customers so they can promote our products so everyone knows about our quality beef.