Is Beef Jerky Good for Keto?

The answer to this question, as it always seems to be with these questions, is it depends. Most beef jerky products are at least low in carbs, while Flying G Jerky has no carbs. Most beef jerky products are high in fats. Flying G Jerky is low in fats, allowing the eater to have more flexibility eating more fats at other meals or snacks. Most beef jerky products have moderate to high protein content. Flying G Jerky has high protein content, allowing the eater to not have to eat as much protein at other meals or snacks.


We are sure you are aware of the following explanation if you are reading this question, but here is a brief synopsis of the Keto diet in case you are not aware of this diet:

The Keto diet consists of eating a moderate to high amount of fat, a moderate amount of protein, and a very low amount of carbohydrates. The Keto diet is designed to put our bodies in ketosis, which shifts your body from using carbs for energy to using fats. After a few days following the Keto diet, instead of releasing insulin, your body shifts to releasing ketones, providing energy for your entire body, including your brain. The amount of carbs you can consume on the Keto diet varies widely by individual but is generally very low.


Generally, beef jerky products have very few to no carbs. Obviously, for a snack or meal to be good for Keto, or Keto friendly, it has to severely limit the amount of carbs included in the snack or meal. Most beef jerky products easily accomplish this, especially Flying G Jerky and some of its better sourced competitors. Some of the more ubiquitous and popular beef jerky out there, however, have moderate to high carb content to make up for its inferior but cheaper beef. The carbs generally come from flavor additives and added sugars that are not necessary if the beef was well sourced and had great taste.

Beef by itself does not contain carbs and there is no reason to add carbs to your beef jerky during processing! If your beef is well sourced and naturally tastes good, you are doing a disservice to your customers if you add carbs. If you are sourcing inferior beef, however, you may have to add carb heavy “flavor enhancers” just to make your product edible.

Flying G Jerky is very proud to source all American and healthy beef that does not require any flavor additives to make our beef jerky taste great. Our beef jerky is made with meat and spices. That is the sum total of our ingredients list. When you have a great product that tastes great as is, you have no need to add carb heavy “flavor enhancers” or sugars to make your product edible. We at Flying G Jerky our proud to offer no carb, no sugar beef jerky to our smart and loyal customers!


Fats are one place you see a lot of variance among beef jerky products. Generally, beef jerky products contain anywhere from low to high fat content. The moderate to high fat content products usually source fatty meats and sometimes add fatty ingredients to aid in the taste of their products. Fats can definitely taste good so they are using the extra fat content to aid their beef jerky’s taste make up for their inferior meat ingredients.

The low fat content beef jerky products generally come in two varieties: 1) fats are pulled from the meat during processing and replaced by other additives (usually carb heavy additives) so the producer can label the beef jerky “lean”; or 2) the meat source for the beef jerky is naturally lean meat, meaning the source was fed a good low fat diet, that tastes great and turns into great beef jerky. We at Flying G Jerky fall into the latter category. Our meat is well sourced lean meat that comes from American ranchers and does not require any supplements to make it taste great. Also, our meat is naturally lean and does require any fat removing processing to make it lean.


Protein is the other place where you see a lot of variance among beef jerky products. Generally, beef jerky products contain anywhere from moderate to high protein content. Protein is expensive and beef jerky is a great and affordable way to increase your protein intake in your diet! And since protein is expensive, why should you pay the same amount of money for a product that includes fewer proteins than Flying G Jerky. Flying G Jerky leads the industry in the amount of naturally occurring protein our products contain, while also being low in fats and including zero sugars or carbs!

We all need proteins to survive and thrive. Proteins are a magic ingredient to any weight loss, muscle building, and/or energy increasing diet, delivering a needed source of energy that requires your body to burn more calories in digestion and delivers more energy to its consumers. Protein is also a necessary ingredient to repair muscle and connective tissues in the body, while also being necessary to strengthen and fortify your skin and bones.


It is very difficult for producers of beef jerky products to make lean, protein rich, and carb free products all at once. Usually, other producers sacrifice in one or more categories to excel in other categories. Not Flying G Jerky! We provide beef jerky products that are high in protein, low in fats, and contain no carbs all at once!

A side by side by side comparison of Flying G Jerky versus other beef jerky products can demonstrate how Flying G Jerky is good for the Keto diet (and nearly any other diet). The following nutrition facts are pulled from each of the companies’ websites and are based on a 1 ounce serving size:

                       FLYING G JERKY                 COMPETITOR 1                 COMPETITOR 2

                           16g protein                       11g protein                        8g protein

                               2g fats                               1g fats                               6g fats

                             0g carbs                             6g carbs                             0g carbs

As you can see, Flying G Jerky blows the competition out of the water when it comes to limiting carbs, keeping fats low, AND giving you high protein content all in one delicious snack. We are proud of the ability for our beef jerky to fit almost any healthy diet and hope you incorporate our products into your diet. With zero sugar, zero carbs, low fats, and high protein, our delicious Flying G beef jerky will help you feel better about how you look, have higher energy, and give you the flexibility to supplement your nutrition anywhere you go!