What is the History of Flying G Jerky?

Our history shapes who we are, what we believe, choices we make, standards we keep. To fully understand the rich family history of Flying G Jerky, we need to take a nostalgic journey back to our roots. We want you to understand the special place where the Flying G Jerky brand all started. We want our valued customers to be familiar with our origins so it will help in understanding who we are, what is important to us, how we made it to where we are today and why we care so much about the quality of and our knowledge of beef.

In the late 1970’s, our family started Flying G Farms in Northwest Oklahoma just a few miles

northwest of Seiling, OK. For over 20 years on our family farm, we raised hundreds of acres of waving wheat and alfalfa as far as the natural eyes could see. We maintained hundreds of acres of grassland and raised a few hundred head of cattle each year. Our family would spend long, brutal days working in the crop fields. The days were spent harvesting wheat, cutting and baling hay and cultivating the ground to get ready for another crop. When we were not found tending to the fields, our family was usually checking on our cattle in the pastures. Caring for our cattle is something that we spent hours doing each day. We stayed involved moving them from one field to another on horseback and running them through our working pens.  Cattle like to roam and we made sure they got to do that daily. It was important to our family to make sure they were staying healthy. One bonus each year for our family is that we would choose to keep a steer to butcher. It helped us feed our family and allowed us to have a freezer full of meat for the entire year.  There is nothing like the flavor of beef raised on your farm that truly went from farm to table. So delicious! We cared deeply for our Oklahoma land and for our farm animals. Our farm, our crops, our animals were our livelihood. We worked endless hours, year round. We worked together. We endured all types of weather. It was our livelihood. One thing we realized is that when you invest so much of your time and effort into something that you do together, it becomes so valuable and meaningful.

After almost two decades on the farm, in 1996 the decision was made to sell Flying G Farms. The family had decided to venture into a new industry and open a steakhouse in Seiling, OK. In

March of 1997, the doors opened to the Flying G Steakhouse. The new dining establishment was a raging success in the northwest part of Oklahoma.  Flying G only used high quality steaks. In keeping with the desire to serve high quality food, the family chose to make as many of our sides and desserts as possible from scratch. Our steaks we offered were sirloins, KC strips, T-Bones and my personal favorite, the Ribeye. We would also offer Prime Rib on certain nights that we slow cooked with just the right seasoning and lots of love. It was out of this world delicious! We already knew our beef and how to properly cook it so we would turn out steaks that were cooked to perfection with wonderful flavor. A perfect steak combined with our sides and desserts with that great, homemade taste made Flying G Steakhouse a fast favorite of the community. Our quality food is what kept our customers coming back night after night. Families could get a delicious, home cooked meal at a reasonable price.

Now that we have given you a glimpse into the history of our family and backstory of the Flying G brand, you can understand why making an excellent beef jerky was a natural progression for the owner, Paul. He started experimenting with finding the perfect beef jerky recipe in his own kitchen. Paul had made a change to the following the Keto lifestyle and soon discovered there wasn’t a great tasting beef jerky on the market that didn’t add loads of extra sugar. Every beef jerky he tried either had sugar added to it or it had very little taste. Since Paul was already knowledgable about beef because of his years working on the farm and in the family steakhouse, he started a journey to create his own beef jerky. His focus was to develop a great tasting product that did not rely on added sugar to have delicious flavor.  Paul began the testing at home. He would go to a nearby grocery store and pick out an economy pack of a good cut of meat. He preferred lean meat without a lot of marbling and fat. He had the butcher in the market go ahead and slice it to the thickness he preferred. Once he had the meat, he would then take it home and marinate the sliced meat with his specially blended spices. Producing quality beef jerky takes time. The process of determining the right spices and marinating period can only be learned by trial and error. There is no short cut in developing a unique and excellent product. Paul would marinate the meat for at least 24-36 hours before he it moved to his counter top dehydrator. Once completed, he would sample his finished product and make notes. Too spicy, too sweet, too bold, too bland. After continuous sampling and months of perfecting his recipe, the family finally decided on the flavor that would become known as Flying G Beef Jerky.

It is an honor to continue representing our family with a quality product. Growing up I learned how to work hard, never settle, never take short cuts. I saw with my own eyes that quality takes commitment and excellence, and that if you offer an honest and quality product or service, people will remember and support you. It is our hope that our beef jerky will become the favorite of your family, as you  support a local and proud Oklahoma family.