Why Is Beef Jerky So Expensive?

This is a frequently asked question for a reason. At first glance, beef jerky appears to be an expensive snack compared to other foods you might consider snacking on at any given time. However, when compared side by side to other less nutritious snacks, beef jerky is actually very affordable if you look at the price per macronutrient calorie.

This is especially the case for Flying G Jerky. Our beef jerky packs a strong nutritious punch by incorporating all natural, high-quality ingredients that provide you with zero sugars, zero carbs, 2 grams of fat, and 16 grams of protein per 1 oz serving. Compare that to your “affordable” bag of chips (or even some of our competitors’ beef jerky) that do nothing to give you energy and might add a little around your midsection. Our beef jerky provides fuel for your body, will help you lose weight, and serves as a flexible supplement to any good diet. Our ingredients consist of meat and all natural spices. No, really, that is the total sum of ingredients found in Flying G beef jerky, and you can rest assured that with our beef jerky, you are eating a quality product that is affordable for your wallet and your waistline.

The price for a bag of beef jerky can be explained by examining the ingredients and the process used to make the beef jerky. These are as follows: 1) the cost of low fat, high protein raw beef is not cheap; 2) the ingredients used to make a good beef jerky are also expensive; 3) the time it takes to make a quality product as well as the effort; 4) the shrinking of the beef as it is dehydrated to remove the moisture (at a rate of roughly 2.5 pounds of beef input to make 1 pound of beef jerky); and 5) the process of making a quality beef jerky has to be completed at least in part by hand and cannot be done entirely by machines.


As we are sure you are aware, all meat, especially lean beef, is not cheap. This is especially the case when you are purchasing high quality lean been well sourced from American ranchers that does not employ tons of antibiotics and other additives to make the meat cheaper (but less healthy). We here at Flying G Jerky know that a quality beef jerky can only be made by incorporating high quality beef. We do not take any shortcuts by sourcing cheaper, low quality beef that has to be supplemented by artificial “flavor enhancers” just to make our product edible. Instead, we only purchase our raw beef lean and from high quality American ranchers, which means we have to pay a little more to provide our customers with the highest quality beef jerky product.



This arguably should not be a category on its own as the primary ingredient in Flying G Jerky is beef and our only other ingredient is natural spices. However, some of our competitors artificially reduce the price of their beef jerky by sourcing much lower quality meat that is cheaper to produce. They can only accomplish an edible product by supplementing their inferior beef with artificial “flavor enhancers” that boost the sugars and carbs in their products.

We here at Flying G Jerky are proud to only incorporate meat and natural spices into our beef jerky. And we can accomplish this because we source high quality, American made, lean beef that is tasty and does not require any artificial flavor enhancers. Our natural spices, while not too expensive, merely supplement and add to our delicious and high quality beef. Eating Flying G Jerky is like eating a steak on the go!


Even the smallest batch of beef jerky requires a few days to produce from start to finish. The time required necessarily prevents the producer from starting a new batch until the prior batch is complete. This requires space to store and refrigerate the raw ingredients waiting to be made into jerky, the equipment used to cook and dehydrate the beef and turn it into jerky, and the finished product ready to be purchased and consumed by you.

High quality beef jerky also requires effort to find the best ingredients, store them safely, produce the beef jerky safely, and package it and ship it to you.



The most important ingredient for beef jerky is of course the beef. As said above, raw beef is not a cheap ingredient. For beef jerky, this is especially the case. This is because the process to make beef jerky requires dehydration. Raw beef is as much as 60 percent or more water. Dehydrating the beef pulls most, if not all, of this water from the beef, giving jerky a long shelf life without requiring refrigeration. However, this means that in order to make 1 pound of beef jerky, we need to start with roughly 2.5 pounds of raw beef, as the water being removed “shrinks” the beef to its non-water components. Purchasing 2.5 times the primary raw ingredient (which is not cheap by itself) to make your product necessarily adds to the cost of your product.



While many of our competitors might use large factory equipment to automate much of the process of making beef jerky, we here at Flying G Jerky are proud to bring you the highest quality beef jerky that is made with minimal automation. Even the large automated products, however, require at least some human effort to produce beef jerky. There is only so much of the process that can be automated even by the big factory producers which necessarily adds to the cost (but provides jobs!).


If you want a nutritiously dense supplement to any diet that is also affordable per healthy calorie added, then you should look no further than Flying G Jerky. Our beef jerky compares favorably to all other beef jerky on the market in what our product delivers, as shown from the following side by side by side comparison of Flying G Jerky versus some of our competitors’ beef jerky products:

                       FLYING G JERKY                 COMPETITOR 1                 COMPETITOR 2

                           16g protein                       11g protein                        8g protein

                               2g fats                               1g fats                               6g fats

                             0g carbs                             6g carbs                             0g carbs

As you can see, Flying G Jerky blows the competition out of the water when it comes to limiting carbs, keeping fats low, AND giving you high protein content all in one delicious snack. We are proud of the ability for our beef jerky to fit almost any healthy diet and hope you incorporate our products into your diet. With zero sugar, zero carbs, low fats, and high protein, our delicious Flying G beef jerky will help you feel better about how you look, have higher energy, and give you the flexibility to supplement your nutrition anywhere you go, all at a cost that will not break the bank!