Are you thinking about starting a fundraiser? Flying G Jerky can help you with that. We offer a premium, all-natural jerky that is beef and spices only. It is the perfect on-the-go snack to sell to customers. Think about all the fundraisers you may have done with cookie dough, sausage, pizzas, etc. They require refrigeration. You have to get them delivered quickly or have room enough in your fridge or freezer to hold them until you can get them delivered. You do not have that problem with our jerky. Not to mention, they are getting all kinds of protein goodness without all the sugars and preservatives. Win win! Please contact us and we can get you more information on our fundraising and show you how we can help your organization reach your goals.

How it works

We have helped several organizations raise money through fundraising. We offer generous margins to help these organizations meet or exceed their goals. One method we offer is a bulk purchase where the organization orders a set amount of beef jerky and they take it out and sell it on the spot to people they meet or know by visiting their houses or businesses. We have even had some organizations that run concession stands purchase a bulk order to resell in their concession stand. This proved to work very well. The other method is order forms where the kids take orders down on their order forms and sell for a specified amount of time. Once all the orders are rounded up, we receive them in, get the orders filled and turn the beef jerky over to the organization for them to distribute. Either method is successful. It just depends on how the organization wants to work it. We will gladly work with whatever is easiest for them.


Beef Jerky 22 - Flying G Jerky

Goal(s) of fundraising

When I was growing up I was involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities. We always got to have fun doing all these activities but there was work involved as well. Anything good worth having requires work. Do you remember going door to door or business to business selling anything and everything? Candy bars, cookie dough, pizzas, popcorn, sausage, etc.?!

The primary goal of fundraising is to raise money for programs that aren’t funded by any other means. A team or group may raise funds for better technology in the classroom, fund field trips or perhaps to get a team to a national championship in a competitive activity.

Besides the primary goal of raising money for the benefit of a group, it is good for our kids as well. It teaches them so many life skills and can create learning opportunities. Talking to potential customers, taking and tracking orders, the handling of money from the transaction and delivery to the customer teach the kids valuable lessons that will help them in other areas of life. This helps kids develop communication skills through social interaction. They can also gain confidence, learn personal responsibility and work on their math and finance skills.

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Customer service

The excellent customer service that Flying G Jerky is known for can definitely be traced back, in part anyways, to our days of fundraising as kids. Smiling, using clear and direct speech and making and keeping eye contact are the baseline skills needed to be successful with customer service. These tools can help kids in academic competitions like speech and debate and even jobs in the future. Through practicing their customer service, kids can test their skills and even pick up new skills if they keep practicing. They will learn what works and what doesn’t work in pitching a product to a potential customer.


Goal Setting

Just as Flying G Jerky sets sales goals, organizations that do fundraising events should do the same. It is best to get the kids involved in this. Not necessarily for input because, depending on the age, some of them don’t have a great concept of money and how much is needed. Instead for them to listen and gain insight on what it is going to take to get them to their goal. This will help them to start to develop a grasp of money and what certain things cost. By them listening, it can help them with future goal setting and long range planning. Doing product sales help children develop the power of choice. Letting them determine how much they need to sell and when and how they want to do their selling – and then letting them set their goals accordingly.


Doing a fundraiser is a perfect opportunity for the children of the group to work together to achieve a common goal and make a positive contribution to their organization. It can certainly give them a sense of team accomplishment when they all work together to achieve a goal, especially when they get to see and experience the “fruits of their labor”. Maybe they all worked together selling beef jerky to buy new uniforms for their team. Perhaps they sold beef jerky like crazy to help fund their trip to a national competition to bring home the title of Champions? Whatever it is, they get a special feeling knowing they had a hand in it and worked their tails off to get there.



Parents should talk to their children to have them understand how important it is to help their organization, school or community. We understand that when fundraising comes around, it is easy to get down or speak ill of it but we need to keep in mind the positive learning environment that we need to foster. If we can talk it up to the kids and show them the opportunity they have to get involved and make a change, they are more apt to take the challenge head on and run with it. When children are given the proper motivation and encouragement, they will surprise you with what they can accomplish.

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Fundraisers can provide an opportunity for kids to grow and learn. If you take time to communicate the possibilities to parents, you might just get a few more people excited, and see a few extra positive results beyond your sales numbers.