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At Flying G Jerky, it is our goal to provide not only a great tasting beef jerky but also one of superior nutrition. There are too many jerky brands out there that put in too many ingredients that just do not need to be in there. We strive to bring you the best by making it with top quality beef and fresh spices.

So many people we meet that try our beef jerky can not believe that we made our beef jerky with such an over the top, amazing taste, all the while leaving all the junk out of it. Those people with gluten sensitivities, celiac disease or other food allergies thank us from the bottom of their heart and some get emotional because they can finally have beef jerky. One customer even told us “FINALLY, someone has made beef jerky the way it is supposed to be”.

We start with some of the best cuts of beef sourced from Caviness packers who only buy beef that is born, raised and harvested in the United States of America. We have not and will not use foreign beef for our beef jerky. It is never frozen and kept cool until we are ready to slice and marinate. Once sliced and marinated, it goes back into the cooler until we are ready to cook it. We have a state of the art cooker that controls every critical aspect of the cooking process to include the amount of natural hickory smoke that is allowed into the cooker. After the cooking process is over, we carefully inspect all the jerky, screen by screen to ensure that everything has been cooked to perfection. It is then weighed, hand bagged and sealed before boxing it up and getting it ready to ship out to the distributors and stores.

Beef Jerky 46 - Flying G Jerky

Our beef jerky is also Keto and Whole 30 approved. Flying G Jerky came to be because of Keto and the need for a clean beef jerky that actually tasted good. We make our beef jerky with beef and spices only! NO sugar, NO soy, NO MSG, NO nitrites, NO gluten and NO artificial preservatives. We have so many repeat customers, several of which are Keto and Whole 30 and they order over and over again.

For those that have not tried Flying G Beef Jerky and wonder what it tastes like, let me set the scene for you. Buckle in because we are getting ready to take you on a five senses journey. You have a free, one way ticket to Tasty Town.

On our Original flavor of beef jerky, picture this. It is a nice spring or summer day. Maybe you’ve been working in and around the house all day and you are going to have a nice, relaxing evening with some friends or neighbors over for a cookout. You have been dreaming about that Prime cut Ribeye all day long. You have pulled the Ribeye’s out of the fridge to let them come up to room temperature because you never, and I mean never, throw a cold steak on the grill (free tip). You pull out your seasoning and meticulously season that beautiful cut of meat until you have just the right amount of salt, pepper and whatever else might strike your fancy (you thought I might give my recipe away there, didn’t you!) Now you are allowing that seasoning to work its way into the meat while you are enjoying a cold, refreshing beverage of choice with your friends and/or neighbors of choice. You step outside and fire up the grill. 

There is something about the sound and smell of a backyard grill heating up that just screams ‘MERICA, am I right. God Bless America! You have got a little tear in your eye. Go ahead and get it, I will wait…….okay. Now then, you look over at that beautiful box of heat you know as your grill and see that it is reading a nice high heat for searing. You give the grates a quick hit with a wire brush to get any remnants from the previous meal off. Maybe you are a flavor saver and you skip this step. Judgement free zone here.

Anyways, you head back inside to the kitchen and grab that platter of perfectly seasoned steaks. They look and smell amazing already. You pick up the platter, head for the back door and your friends and neighbors part like the seas as if you are Moses leading your people to the promised land. State law! The lid of the grill opens up and you survey the battlefield of cast iron that you are about to dominate. Steaks go down and you immediately hear that searing sizzle and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are getting the perfect crust on those steaks. The aroma of the seasoning mixed with beef send you into a state of euphoria that you can not put into words. You closely monitor the war waging between the flames and your beautiful cuts of meat, flipping every 3 minutes or so until you have reached that perfect medium rare. You may like yours a little more done but this is my story. The steaks come back in on the platter and distributed amongst the people. You feel like Oprah saying “you get a steak and you get a steak”. Everyone sits down and you take that knife, make the first cut into that aromatic hunk of meat and put it in your mouth and begin to chew. You are reveling in your grill prowess and your taste buds are doing a little dance…no, a full on mosh pit! Success!

Beef Jerky 4 | Flying G Jerky

Now that I have painted that picture for you, that is what eating Flying G beef jerky feels like. It is simply beef and perfectly balanced spices to create that great steak taste. That is why we say “It’s like eating a steak-on-the-go.” Make sure you order you a bag. Better yet, order two or more bags and get free shipping today!