Our Cause

Mission Statement:

At Flying G Jerky, we want to provide our customers with proper nutrition through a healthy beef jerky at an affordable price while giving back to our community and nation.

A Message from the Founder:

A little about my journey and where our heart is.

When I began eating a Keto (low good carbs, zero sugar) diet in 2017 it was a very successful plan for me. I was able to drop quite a bit of weight and after one month into my Keto journey, I was having major cravings for some beef jerky. I was working in the oil and gas field and was on the road all day and decided to stop in a convenience store to grab a bag of jerky because it is one of the good snacks on the approved list. Studying the jerky section, I was going to grab a bag of my usual go to that is made here in Oklahoma. I picked it off the peg hook and checked out the back of the bag for the nutritional information just to make sure that it was healthy for me. Never had I ever really paid attention to their nutrition facts. WHOA! They had sugar, corn syrup and many other things that I did not expect to see in my beef jerky. As a person who raised lots of beef cattle and loves steak, I only want my jerky to be beef and spices. Just like you would season and eat a beautiful ribeye.

Beef Jerky | Flying G Jerky Founder

I quickly put that bag of jerky back and looked for another that might fit my reasonable criteria. Am I asking too much for my beef jerky to be beef and spices only? Apparently!?!? Well, I left that convenience store sadly empty handed and perplexed. Thinking more about it as I drove on, I realized that I could make beef jerky to fit that criteria and probably make it very tasty. I quickly went to work and through many trial and errors, came up with a recipe that I could not keep my wife and kids out of and had friends and neighbors ordering it over and over again. Keeping my beef jerky made up for myself and being able to take it with me daily helped me stay in ketosis and continue to lose weight and inches. I do not know if I could have achieved the weight loss I did had it not been for my beef jerky during Keto. In my first 4 months of doing a low carb, zero sugar diet, I lost 50 pounds and continue to eat Flying G beef jerky to this day as a healthy snack and keep the sugar cut out of my diet.

From a young age, I was taught to work hard at everything you do. Hard work does pay off and the sense of accomplishment you feel from working hard for what you have is like nothing else. Our family did have to work hard to keep our operation running and to provide for us. We were not poor but there were times when our family was “feeling the pinch”, so to speak. I definitely felt this same feeling first-hand when I put myself through college working on my Business Management degree. You learn and develop an appreciation for just exactly what you need and what you do not when you are working two jobs and attending school.

Beef Jerky 7 - Flying G Jerky

From my humble beginnings, I understand what it means to not have much at times and sometimes wondering what you are going to eat that fits into your budget until the next paycheck, especially while I was in college. This is why Flying G Jerky feels so strong about giving back to help make sure that children are fed. I do not think there is anything else on earth that chokes me up quite as bad as when I see a child suffering. I remember seeing those commercials growing up that would show young children in foreign countries suffering from hunger and disease and I wished that I could help them. Fast forward many years, when my wife and I were deployed to Iraq (we did not know each other at the time) we both witnessed young children suffering for many different reasons including hunger. In 2005 when I deployed with my unit to New Orleans, Louisiana to help with Hurricane Katrina relief I again witnessed hunger amongst children in poverty stricken areas. Those images, among many other things I have witnessed, are forever etched in my memory.

These things that we have witnessed and experienced first-hand lead us to want to partner with No Kid Hungry. We want to make sure that we are doing our part to help these kids however we can. Being hungry for a relatively short amount of time is bad enough. It messes with your energy level, your thinking and your mood. Now imagine that feeling happening to kids for days and weeks on end. These kids that are affected would not be able to concentrate in school, would be very moody and have low energy levels. We do not want this to happen. Now we know that we can not prevent all of the suffering but we can do our part to help mitigate it.

The other area that pulls on our heart strings is to help fellow veterans and their families. This means so much to us because my wife and I both were in the Army. We went through all the rigors of training, deployments and the sacrifice of being away from our respective families. The struggles that both the service member as well as the family left behind encounter and have to deal with cause so much stress. As if the stress of battle is not enough! Everyone involved goes through so much so when the service member is injured in battle on the other side of the world, things get much more complicated. That is where The Fisher House comes in to help. Their outstanding record made us want to partner with them. When the service member comes back stateside for medical care and rehabilitation, The Fisher House helps with transportation and lodging for the families to be near their service member during the long road to recovery. Besides taking care of the families in this way, The Fisher House also manages a grant program that supports other military charities and scholarship funds for military children, spouses, and children of fallen and disabled veterans. The assistance that The Fisher House provides goes above and beyond the call and we are proud to be partnering with them.

In conclusion, we always want our heart for giving to be just as big as our love for making high quality beef jerky that provides our many loyal customers with proper protein nutrition.